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Welcome to

Green Jay Media

We help other companies grow and increase ROI online through advanced marketing and sales strategies.

Increase brand exposure and earn more revenue with help from Green Jay Media.

Stop chasing your customers.  That’s wasted money. The best way to make sales is to put your business in position to be found when your target customers are actively looking to buy.  That’s how you maximize profits.

Our Services

Why Green Jay Media?

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to online marketing services. You probably get tons of emails every week with “the best” offers. It’s not hard to find an seo agency to sell you their services. What is hard to find, is integrity. A company with over 10 years experience in marketing and web development, that still makes the effort to build client relationships like you’re the only one we have. Green Jay Media is at your personal service.

Our job is to generate more leads and sales for your business, while maximizing the return on your investment. Tell us as much as you can about your business goals and we’ll start right away to get you results.

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Trustworthy & Dependable

Our clients who’ve spent any time with us for marketing services, have continued to use our services. They don’t leave us because they know it’s hard to find a good trustworthy company to promote their brands. We take pride in being a company you can trust.

Great Value

We don’t up-charge you for every little task. You will always get more than what you paid for. That’s just our way of doing business.

No Contracts Needed

Our clients don’t stay with us because a piece of paper says they have to. When you see results like increased rankings and customers contacting you, you’ll know why our service is worth it.

What Clients Say

We have tried several different business development companies to help our SEO and online appearance, but no other service can compare with Dustin and his team at Green Jay. Their team is easy to work with, professional, hard working, and more importantly PROVIDE RESULTS. Thank you for all the years in aiding in growing our business!
jc landscaping logo
Clint Lanz
JC's Landscaping LLC
Dustin has been providing my company SEO services for over 7 years now. His rates are affordable and his results are exceptional. I highly recommend his services
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Ryan Kennedy
Ryno Lawn Care
Green Jay Media has helped us catapult our online results and get a constant flow of customers to our destination restaurant in Port Barton, Palawan.
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Mojitos Restobar
Port Barton, Phillipines
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