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Green Jay Media

CEO: Dustin Bird – “A leader cannot lead until he knows where he is going.”  This is what I’ve had in mind since 2008, when I started my journey of being a self employed internet marketer.  I was fortunate to have two mentors in this industry who’ve already had much success making over 100k per month.  They saw something in me to take their time in leading me in the right direction to earning enough income that I could quit my job within 3 months and start working from home.

One of the things that stuck with me from my first mentor, was to “Always give more value than what you expect to get in return.”  Not always trying to sell, sell, sell, but giving something of value in exchange for developing client relationships is how I built my business.  It’s how I still operate Green Jay Media and always will.  Brand marketing is a long term strategy, therefore my business focuses on long term relationships.  This is how I’ve helped multiple businesses go from having no website to earning millions per year in revenue online.

From web design & development, SEO, Google ads, videos, press releases, social media marketing and everything in between, I’ve done it all.  When evaluating a business’ needs and budget, I have any solution at my expertise to utilize.  I’ve put my 10,000+ hours in, so yes I can say I’m an expert in this industry.

I started Green Jay Media in 2018, long after I had already been operating as a sole proprietor in this space.

I’ve also learned you can’t have much success without being able to leverage your time and resources.  That’s how I can help you.  If you want to become the top company in your area, reach out to me and let’s discuss.  [email protected]