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Monthly SEO

Proposal presented by: Green Jay Media

Green Jay Media has successfully helped websites rank at the top of searches since 2008.

On-site and Off-site optimizations to increase your chances of ranking high for targeted google searches and generating organic traffic through search or referrals from other websites.

On-Site SEO

Website maintenance and content creation. Internal link structure. Optimizing pages, meta data, images for best search performance.


2 Blog Posts Per Month. Research for relevant topics to write articles that people search for, to get found in google and help drive more visitors. Also, gives others more reason to link to you naturally and share your posts on social media for more organic exposure.

Website Maintenance

Maintaining updates on plugins, themes and wordpress installation. Upgraded security. Page speed optimization. Downtime monitoring.

Off-Site SEO

Backlink building, brand exposure, generating visitors, guest posts, press releases, content creation and more. This is what is needed to beat your competitors rankings for searches that bring you real customers.

Guest Posts

2 Guest Posts per month. These are like blog posts, except the articles go on other related websites. They include links that point to your website. This helps build your backlink profile, which increases your chances of ranking high, and it also help drive more visitors to your site organically.

Press Release

1 Press Release per month. Massive exposure in main steam media news sites. Google news approved. We have access to over 1,400 of the top news sites that could potentially publish your news articles. USA Today, WallStreetJournal, Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star Telegram, ABC News, FoxNews, MSNBC, etc. These are normally $250 for each release. I buy in bulk, so I can include in monthly seo. Very powerful service, not only for brand marketing, but also helps website seo and google local listing rankings.

Link Building

Links on other websites that point to your site. If getting rankings in search is like a popularity contest, then backlinks are like votes. The more votes you get the better rankings you will get. But, not all links are the same. Some are more powerful. Spammy links can hurt more than help. We focus on quality links, not quantity. There is no way to guarantee a certain number of backlinks per month. We gain links by guest posts, press releases, blog commenting, directory submissions, social shares, videos, graphics, promoting your blog and main pages for organic link creation.

Local SEO

Getting your google map listing ranked in top 3 for important searches is very important to your bottom line. This can have the greatest impact on your lead generation. Our seo efforts include ranking google listing as well as website.

Your Investment

We will start with a $500 budget for each month, but it can always be increased at a later date of your choosing. We can add more to the services listed above.

Monthly SEO

Total: $500

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